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The All-In-One toolkit to create and grow a community around your projects.

Address new audiences with a modern website linked to your social networks.

Mobilize your community with efficient and personalized mass-messaging tools.

Interact with your supporters by providing them exclusive content and inviting them to your events.

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Each month, we propose you new ideas to grow your community and increase your impact.

Creating a community around your project has never been easier with Citipo.

Launch your website in minutes

Create a website to your colors in minutes with our customizable themes. Present your ideas, announce your events, link your social networks and organize your team.

Contact your community whenever you want

Inform your contacts of your actions with personalized messages. Start building your community today to increase your impact.

Offer exclusive content and events to your active members

Create a space dedicated to your members and collaborators. Interact with them by distributing exclusive content and inviting them to your events.

A simple and centralized administration interface

The Console brings together all the Citipo tools in one powerful and intuitive interface. Whether to create new content, organize your events, send your messages or manage your contacts, everything is accessible in the blink of an eye.

A content editor that meets your ambitions

Publish creative and captivating pages and posts, with no technical knowledge required. Create and grow your online presence in a few clicks. Link your website to your social networks to increase your impact.

A flexible and centralized contact database

Each visitor on your website, each event you organize, each field action you animate are opportunities to create a link with your community. Collect emails, build your database and mobilize effectively.

Emailing campaigns to keep in touch

Create emailing campaigns with your logo and colors so that your communication is always consistent. Use your database of contacts to precisely target audiences for each message.

Better with Citipo.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a what our customers have said since they switched to Citipo.

"Citipo allowed us to launch an online campaign quickly and efficiently: it was ideal to build our project as close to the expectations of our community as possible"
Mayor candidate in Asnières-sur-Seine (France)
City council elections 2020
"Citipo was esssential in the launch of our movement. The degree of detail and the efficiency of the platform is outstanding. I would never imagine creating a new community without it."

All you need to grow your community

Organizations that switch to Citipo are more productive and more efficient in their communication. Their messages get across faster and their projects have a bigger impact.

A modern and secure website for all your projects

Custom design

Content pages

News system

Social networks integrations

A mass-messaging platform to keep touch with your audience

Contacts management

Emails campaigns

Newsletter subscriptions

Developer API

A great online membership experience for your community

Online registration

Membership area

Internal communication

Events and ticketing

An integrated ecosystem of products you already work with

Linked with Facebook and Twitter

Share on Telegram and Whatsapp

Develop your own integration with our API

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